Supply Force One

“First class marine provisioning services in Liguria, Italy”


Supply Force One is a marine provisioner and ships chandler in Genoa, Italy. Supplying the superyacht industry with some of the best food and provisions that Italy has to offer, Supply Force Ones delivers right to the dock in the ports of Liguria.

Main contact

Address: V. U. Bertolotti 27a r Cornigliano Genoa, Italy 16152

Tel: +39 34 52 43 81 33

Mob: + 39 34 52 43 54 80

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Supply Force One is your supply chain for marine provisions in Italy. Whatever the tastes of guests and crew on-board, or the occasion in hand, Supply Force One is at your disposal along the coast of Liguria to recommend and supply foods and beverages of the highest quality.

Yacht provisioning services in Liguria

Supply Force One hopes to supply visiting superyachts with a taste of Italy, with a wide range of local food and beverages from trusted suppliers.

Alongside some of the ‘best pesto’ in Genoa, their yacht provisions range includes:

• Fresh meat
• Fresh fish and seafood
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Cheese and dairy products
• Breads and grains
• Dry store products
• Organic products
• Handmade and artisan foods

Fine wines and spirits in Liguria

Supply Force One also acts as your wine merchant in Italy, adding a range of fine wines and spirits to their yacht provisions range to compliment all dishes, and craft beers with a variety of tastes, aromas and flavours.

Contact Supply Force One with your provisioning requests today.

Hours of work

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00am – 07:00pm.
Contactable 24/7 via telephone or email.

Additional Information

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