Astilleros de Mallorca S.A.

"Specialised shipyard for all refit and repairs"


Astilleros de Mallorca founded in 1942, is a fully equipped and specialised shipyard with renewed facilities including a 700-ton travel lift, allows refit, repair or maintenance work on all yachts up to 100 metres.

Main contact

Address: Contramuelle Mollet 11 Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07012

Tel: +34 971 71 06 45

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Astilleros de Mallorca founded in 1942, is a refit and repair shipyard for luxury sailing and motor yachts.

The shipyard offers a full range of in-house services, covering all needs and requirements of yachts, with facilities for hauling up to 1700 tons and around 100m in length, as well as an exterior berthing quay for vessels of up to 110m.

More than 120 yachts are refitted or repaired at Astilleros de Mallorca every year.

Superyacht refit and marine repair

• Steel and Stainless Steel
• Aluminium
• General Engineering
• Painting & Spray Cabins
• Joinery & Deck Carpentry
• Electronics
• Air Conditioning
• Rigging
• Upholstery

With all specialised workshops under one roof, Astilleros de Mallorca guarantees to have everything you need for your yacht in one place.

Yacht project management while in the shipyard

Astilleros de Mallorca provides an experienced management team with a cross-section of backgrounds, including naval architects and technical experts. Backed by our own team of highly specialised workers.

In order to expand and cope with ever increasing market demands, Astilleros de Mallorca opened a second office in the upgraded public travel-lift area (Servicios Tecnicos Portuarios) with two fully equipped mechanical and metal workshops, state of the art machinery such as a lathe, milling machine, hydraulic press, welding bench, hydraulic test bench etc. As a result, the Project Managers can provide their clients with a more rapid response inside the yard.

Located next to the 700 T travel-lift in the centre of the yard, makes it easier for captains and crew to drop by to discuss their service needs.

Astilleros de Mallorca at STP site:
STP Office, RS Global Building nº 18

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No need to outsource

, First Officer of 51m to 60m Melek - 01/10/2015-14:54
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Don't have to outsource as they have all the expertise in house. Very happy with them

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I look forward to continuing the relationship with Astilleros!

, . - 15/09/2014-10:33
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I would like to thank you and your staff, right from management through to the guys on the floor, for the excellent work ethic, enthusiasm and professionalism. Together with our engineer, your company has done an almost impossible task of getting the boat ready for the season in a very short time.

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Great service

, . - 15/09/2014-10:32
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Firstly I wanted to thank you for a successful winter and having an Astilleros de Mallorca project manager was, as always, a pleasure. All the contractor's were great and on behalf of the crew we thank everyone involved in the project.

I have had bad experiences with similar businesses before which really highlights just how good the service you provide is.

Once again, thank you and the yard for your services and we look forward to returning in September!

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Thank you

, . - 15/09/2014-10:32
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I want to take this opportunity to thank Astilleros de Mallorca STP team for all the good work done on our yacht during this winter.

It appears to me that our project manager coordinated the excellent work of the pipe fitters – much respect particularly to the pipe foreman whose workmanship is simply excellent. Our project manager also led the work of the welders and the mechanical team whom I know worked very patiently around all the other contractors.

The great knowledge of the rules and regulations, practical experience and attention to detail, greatly assisted and indeed advanced the project on numerous occasions. The well-presented documentation packs were so professional that I think it left the major suppliers and the Classification Society, in no doubt the job was in good hands.

Thank you also for your support, and I very much look forward to working with your team in the years to come.

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Will be visiting again

, . - 15/09/2014-10:31
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We had a good stay in Astilleros, especially because of the cooperative workers from your yard (management as well but especially the production staff). We’ve had quite some special jobs which came up during our stay, but for each of them we could find a solution in cooperation with the Astilleros staff. These jobs included some work by the steel workshop, and even the stainless steel workshop – those guys did an excellent job in hand-grinding the edges of a fixed propeller which we had to mount. The assistance with the shaft pulling was great, too.

I have to admit that before I came to Astilleros, I had heard that it would be quite messy – but none of this was true: it has proven to be a clean and descent shipyard, with a lot of skills, workshops and tools. I was amazed by the fact you had so much machinery, for wood works, steel and even a special stainless steel workshop. Also the separate waste shows you’re looking at the future and trying to be sustainable, which is a good thing.

Again, all in all we had a very good stay at Astilleros, and I’d be fine visiting Astilleros again.

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A massive success

, . - 15/09/2014-10:30
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All technical changes and improvements done by Astilleros de Mallorca, work without any failure. The new keel is a massive success. Her performance has increased on all aspects. Her maneuvering capabilities have also improved.

We have a happy owner who feels as if his yacht has been re-born. It was a pleasure working with the Astilleros team and they certainly proved to be reliable, flexible as well as perfectionists. We kindly thank the team for their dedication. I trust and hope we meet in the future.

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