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Horrible Service/Communication

, Owner of 20m to 30m Personal boat - 18/07/2017-03:36
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I sent my boat into Sells Marine service before the 4th of July for engine running issues. I received the boat back and the mechanic told me it was running great. I took it out to Detroit lake for the holiday and the boat would not ideal, nor would it run at any rate of speed. Called them back and talked to both the owner and his daughter. They said to bring it back and I did. Here is where the bad service and communication come into the picture. Again they call me back and say its all fixed. I asked what the problem was and they tell me they put a new carburetor on. I informed them that no one called to tell me that was the issue, they assumed I would not have a problem with them doing so without consulting me on the task. Then they told me that it's going to be another $750 to get my boat back and they won't charge me for labour. I was totally shocked because when I looked up the cost of the carburetor it was only $453. When picking up the boat the owner was very disrespectful to me, like he was the victim and had to do this work for me. Point is, they never consulted me on the cost or the fix of my boat. Second, they never fixed the issue to begin with and yet charged me for the repair. Third, they were horrible with communication. I hope to god no one ever goes to this place for repairs. They were very bad....

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