Boston Ltd

“Luxury yacht management and registration services”

Boston Ltd offers luxury management services to make the ownership and administration of superyachts simple and secure.

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Address: St Mary's Ct. 20 Hill St. Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1AE

Tel: +44 (0)16 24 69 29 30

Boston Ltd, based in Douglas, Isle of Man, provides luxury yacht management and registration services to the maritime industry. Boston Ltd recognises the importance of yachts being properly registered and their ownership well structured, so it works to ensure that the owner can enjoy their asset without interference and rising costs.

The registration and administration services it offers are designed to ensure these considerations are met on an on-going basis.

Luxury asset services

Boston Ltd offers management services including:

• Establishment of tailored ownership structures (VAT efficient where applicable)
• Multi-jurisdictional yacht registration
• Support and direction for yacht financing
• Comprehensive administration of the ownership structure
• Management and financial reporting
• Provision of internal industry updates and information
• Co-ordination and liaison with technical or artistic specialists

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