A+ Rigging Mallorca S.L.

"A leading rigging company worldwide"


A+ Rigging Mallorca is a specialist yacht and superyacht rigging company based in Palma de Mallorca. They are able to travel to virtually any destination to provide any rigging service that may be required.

Main contact

Address: Ca'n Calafat 63 Edificio Naves Blancas, Local 6, Pol Son Oms Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07199

Tel: +34 971 74 55 72

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A+ Rigging Mallorca is a world leader in the field of yacht and superyacht rigging. They are able to refit any type of mast on any type of boat. One phone call and A+ Rigging can be anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours to carry out any necessary repairs.

A+ Rigging always works closely with the local authorities and is also able to pull masts on location if necessary.

Yacht and superyacht rigging experts.

• Malta
• Croatia
• Italy
• Turkey
• Holland
• The Caribbean
• Asia
• And basically anywhere in the world

Rigging Services

A+ Rigging has good contacts and relationships with all the big manufacturers, such as Hall Spars, Southern Spars, Offshore Spars, Nordic Mast and more.

• Rod rigging, wire rigging, modern PBO and carbon rigging
• Pulling masts
• Stripping for painting
• Painting the mast and boat in cooperation with local painters
• Service rod rigging with heading in-house

Rod Rigging

A+ Rigging works closely with the world’s largest rod and rigging manufacturer, Global BSI. They have a large number of rods in stock and are able to head rods up to -320 (38.1mm). Th