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Since 1977 Comet has been recognised in the delivery industry as a leader and innovator of customised delivery.

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Address: 9705 N W 108 Av. Unit 10 Miami, FL, Florida, USA 33178

Tel: +1 305 591 2262

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Urgent pick-up, no problem

, Cruise Line Coordinator N/A - 25/04/2014-16:28
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Urgent pick-up, no problem. You guys always come through in the tough situations.


, . N/A - 25/04/2014-16:27
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You and your company are awesome – you do such a great reliable job – much appreciated. Your handling of our shipments over the past 4-5 years has been flawless.

A true success

, . N/A - 25/04/2014-16:27
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Thank you for all of your help in 2013 with my groups. I sure do appreciate everything. I can confidently say that Comet’s contribution has made my year a true success.

Great people

, . IKON Communication - 25/04/2014-16:26
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I’ve worked with the great team at Comet Delivery Services for over 20 years for three reasons. One and two is dependability and reliability. And three is that they understand that, especially when it comes to delivery services, timing is everything. My graphic design firm, IKON Communication + Marketing Services, has demanding clients that require mostly, time-sensitive, local pick-up and delivery services. A typical order is a three-part round trip of a just-off-the-press proof, that needs to be rushed to the design firm for us to inspect, then taken to the client for their approval, and finally expediently delivered back to the printer with sign-offs, before a waiting 6-color press can be given the thumbs-up. Another typical scenario is for Comet to pick-up a comp at seven in the morning, deliver to our client’s office before nine, so the client can walk into an early-morning board or committee meeting with glossy presentation in-hand. My clients count on me throwing a touchdown and with total confidence, I depend on Comet to run the ball across the goal line. I use Comet to deliver everything from an envelope to a van load of boxes. They’ve received, warehoused and delivered items on pallets, too large to receive at our office. Bottom-line, Comet has accommodated every delivery service need that our firm has had, and because of this, I have, without hesitation, recommended Comet Delivery Services, for years, to many of our own clients. And the whole Comet team gets bonus points for being really, really nice people to deal with!

Straightforward integrity

, . N/A - 25/04/2014-16:25
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You cannot say this about many men and companies, but when you need help, you can absolutely count on Steven and the tried and true team at Comet Delivery Services to take great care of you. Straightforward integrity in an age where this quality is hard to find.


, . N/A - 25/04/2014-16:24
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Your staff has been awesome with our elderly client who was extremely satisfied with your service. Not just today, but also late last year. I wish everyone we worked with was as professional and punctual as your staff.

Always there

, . N/A - 25/04/2014-16:23
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We have always considered Comet a first rate service company and today your guys proved it again. I want to tell you how extremely pleased we were today to have Jose and Jose load the 20′ container at our warehouse. Their work was extremely professional. The job was done with complete confidence and extreme care and speed.

Thanks to them and to Comet for the awesome and efficient job. Thanks for being there.

Thank you

, Distribution Center Supervisor . - 25/04/2014-16:22
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From myself & my staff, I would like to thank you & your team at Comet. The service you guys provide us is remarkable and above excellent.