Varador 2000 Shipyard & Marina

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Address: Dic de Llevant s/n, Arenys de Mar Barcelona, Spain 08350

Tel: +34 937 95 70 90

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Great service and efficiency

, Captain of 31m to 40m Tiziana - 29/01/2016-10:00
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In a big Shipyard you are just a number. Here in Varador 2000 the relation is more direct and personal, with easy communication and fast problem solving. You just need to talk to Raul, Varador 2000’s technical service manager and the project can begin straight away. I was really satisfied with Varador 2000's service and efficiency.

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Varador 2000 can solve any problem

, Captain of 31m to 40m Harmony - 28/01/2016-10:22
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I have never experienced the collaboration, kindness and good service I was offered at Varador 2000. I appreciate a job well done and dealing directly with the shipyard. At Varador 2000 I got both. Here I can talk to Xiqui, Raül or Alessandro who can solve any problem, even the most complicated.

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