"Superior yacht sign design, production and installation"

YACHTSIGN is a specialist yacht sign production company that designs, produces and installs the finest illuminated signs on yachts all around the world using its unparalleled expertise.


Address: Mobile service Palma De Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain 07012

Tel: +1 954 604 1664

From the moment you decide on the name for your new yacht, YACHTSIGN can guide you through the entire design process of creating your sign or nameplate. From font selection and colour to creative custom logo design, your professional designer will talk you through the near limitless options.

Professional illuminated yacht name design

YACHTSIGN excels at working in partnership with shipbuilders and accommodating complex timelines and project plans. Happy to work under full non-disclosure, there are few design limitations and the team will work tirelessly to make sure your vision becomes an elegant reality.

Precision German engineering

Precise German engineering at the YACHTSIGN manufacturing centre in Florida, USA, ensures that every letter produced is perfect, down to the very last millimetre.

The in-house production team use the latest digital machinery, combined with exceptional hand crafted workmanship, to produce exquisite letters that will stand up to any harsh conditions you may find out at sea.

Worldwide installations

YACHTSIGN offers professional installation services worldwide. As long as they can access your boat, they can install your letters on site wherever you are. In the absence of bucket lifts or scaffolding, installations are regularly performed via a harness.


YACHTSIGN letters can be easily installed by anyone. From the first YACHTSIGN signs built, the letters have been specifically engineered to allow easy DIY installation, making them the one of the easiest to fit yacht signage providers on the market.

For an expertly designed, engineered and fitted yacht sign, contact YACHTSIGN today.