Cogs 4 Cancer due to announce 2017 programme

Organisers of the cycling charity Cogs 4 Cancer will soon be announcing the October 2017 programme, having raised over €700,000 for cancer research projects all over Europe since 2013.

With total charity proceeds nearing the million-euro mark, organisers say the team will ‘go big or go home’ for next year’s ride. Ben Young, president of Cogs 4 Cancer said, “We organised three 800+km rides in three consecutive years and after the huge success of the 2015 event we didn’t want to keep knocking year after year on the doors of our very generous supporters, and therefore decided to take a year off.

“We wanted to make sure sponsors and supporters kept their interest in what we are doing, and also ensure that the ride stays interesting for the many repeat riders who have taken part in all three challenges so far.”

Cogs 4 Cancer rides so far have covered over 800km, and journeys have included Antibes to Palma de Mallorca in 2013, and Barcelona to Antibes in 2015, the latter of which raised a record €305,520 for the charity.

Cogs 4 Cancer is managed by a group of volunteers, all working in the superyacht industry. The charity is inspired by those in the yachting industry who have been affected by cancer, and 100% of its proceeds are donated directly to a number of cancer charities, in order to fund projects all across Europe.

Travel and equipment costs are all paid for by the riders and volunteers, with hours of planning, preparation and promotion involved to make each event happen. 

Ben Young also spoke about the decision to make 2017 the charity’s biggest and best ride yet. He commented, “After the decision was taken to take 2016 off, we decided to come up with our biggest endurance race to date and to give us time to plan a journey that will smash all the previous rides out of the water!”

For more information, visit Cogs 4 Cancer or contact

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