Gabriele Teruzzi designs 150m superyacht with elevated cabin

Italian designer Gabriele Teruzzi has provided his vision of a ‘superyacht with a view’ with his concept design, Shaddai.

Featuring a master cabin elevated 38m above the water line, Shaddai also boasts a 1,132 square foot terrace with a bar, private dining area, and glass-walled infinity pool.

Teruzzi has a buyer profile in mind when he speaks of a potential owner taking in the view from the elevated suite, commenting, “From there he can reach the feeling of a higher power, surrounded by the immensity of the sea and sky, reaching the clouds where everything reflects his place in the world: at the top.”

There are no details about the capacity for guests and crew on board, and the projected price of the project – should it be commissioned – has not been revealed. The layout will be able to be completely customised to the buyer’s wishes.

If built, Shaddai would fall short of being the longest superyacht in the world; a distinction held by Lurssen-built Azzam. However, the focus of Teruzzi’s design centres on the elevated cabin, and he expects any potential buyers to be attracted to the yacht for the same reason.

Teruzzi spoke of his inspiration when designing the superyacht, adding “To ascend from the ground has been a desire in the human kind since the very beginning. There are precious examples like the Tower of Babel, the Pyramids in Egypt, and today’s magnificent skyscrapers. The wish to touch the clouds continues to be present in today’s powerful minds.”

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