Karpaz Gate Marina celebrates the start of the season

Karpaz Gate Marina, one of the Mediterranean’s most significant recent marina developments in Northern Cyprus, hosted the largest event in its history on Saturday 7th of June.

Attended by hundreds of visitors and special guests, the season opening party included Piri Reis’ Ancient Maps exhibition unveiling and the welcoming reception of the EMYR (East Mediterranean Yacht Rally). The occasion also provided recognition of the political and geographical value achieved by the creation of a new port of entry for the TRNC, with marina managers emphasising their on-going commitment to protecting and enhancing the unspoilt Karpaz region in the years ahead.

The TRNC Prime Minister, Özkan Yorgancioglu and the Turkish ambassador to Cyprus Halil, Ibrahim Akçanin, were among the VIP guests invited to enjoy the event.

In addition, around 50 yachts from the EMYR (East Mediterranean Yacht Rally), together with the TRNC Sailing Federation Caretta Caretta rally, were also welcomed, with Karpaz Gate Marina hosting their colourful annual flags ceremony and presenting special plaques on the promenade before the rally moved onwards to Israel.

Liza Singer, owner’s representative of Karpaz Gate Marina, addressed the guests and outlined plans for the continued success of the luxury destination. She commented, “It is very important that the TRNC government support this foreign investment which has provided a new port of entry allowing us to welcome un-embargoed, international tourists. I am therefore extremely excited to have among us the TRNC prime minister and the ambassador and accept their recognition and appreciation of what we have done here thus far.”

The season opening event also served as the official unveiling of the third exhibition to be hosted by the Karpaz Gate Marina Gallery – The Piri Reis Ancient Maps. Displaying detailed navigational information and charts of the important ports and cities of the Mediterranean Sea, the Piri Reis Exhibition showcases the book of navigation of captain Piri who sailed the Cypriot coastline 500 years ago. The exhibition is open at the Karpaz Gate Marina Gallery until Friday 4th July.

Liza Singer continued, “We wish to reinforce with this exhibition our deep respect for the long-lasting historical heritage of the region, as well as to emphasise our wish to blend with and absorb the culture of the local community and nation. We are committed to this objective and to continuing to bring novelty and international flair while never forgetting to preserve this place and take it forward, as times require.

“We anticipate this unique and historically fascinating exhibition will convince locals and tourists alike 'to go the extra mile' and visit the Karpaz – to enjoy the exhibition and the laid-back atmosphere of Karpaz Gate Marina, as well as the magnificent Karpaz historical sites and surrounding nature.”

Following the cocktails, opening addresses and exhibition unveiling, the gates to the Beach Club opened at 8pm with Cuban band Onelia Manzano and one of the best DJs from Istanbul, Suat Atesdagli, entertaining the crowd. The setting was completed by the video art work of Turkish talent Di Lala, with the revels party continuing until late as visitors enjoyed the dancing and refreshments.

For more information, visit Karpaz Gate Marina.

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