Latest weapon in battle with algae growth on hulls

Two Dutch scientists have developed a completely new technology in the battle against algae growth on boat hulls known as H20BoatCare.  It has been tested and analysed for the last three years, which has shown successful results.

H2OBoatCare xp1 consists of an electronic device and a transponder.  This transponder is placed in the water at the berth of the boat; together they create vibrations with high frequency.  These vibrations have strong influence on the microscopic bubbles, which occur in water naturally.  These bubbles implode (cavitation) and force the elimination of the algae and protect the boat against future growth.

The company explained, “The larvae of barnacles are being dispelled.  The result is more sustainable boat care and saving on maintenance, there are less toxins in the water because antifoulling is not necessary and a boat that has to be removed from the water less frequently for cleaning.  It is not harmful to fish and amphibians, so is environmentally friendly and sustainable.  This is the only working solution to a major problem that every boat owner is dealing with and will have to deal with in the future.”

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