Lumotics introduces 'FailSafe' module for superyacht lighting systems

Lumotics Marine, a leader in the design, build and installation of lighting control solutions for luxury yachts, has introduced the Failsafe module. A simple yet effective product, it provides a convenient solution to the common problem of the failure of a single bulb leading to an entire string of light fittings cutting out.
This occurs in lighting installations that include a series of LED light fittings operating off a single output. Such series on a large yacht can easily consist of twenty or more fittings, so the consequences of just one failing after dark can be an entire external deck area or saloon rendered unusable until the failed fitting is identified and replaced.
The FailSafe has been created by Lumotics for yachts of any size fitted with series of LED lights operating off a single output. Measuring 19mm by 35mm by 52mm, individual Failsafe modules are installed alongside each light fitting, thereby providing a pathway that allows the electrical current to bypass that fitting in the event of it failing. The result is that the other bulbs on the same string continue to operate as normal.
The unit is available in variants capable of handling up to 4, 7, 11 and 16 volts respectively, and are quick and simple to fit or retro-fit. Once a bulb has been replaced the units automatically reset when the power is turned off and then back on again.
The FailSafe module has already been successfully installed on a number of yachts, providing peace of mind and a guarantee that widespread lighting failures are now a thing of the past.
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