Luxury eco cosmetics for sea lovers

Spending a lot of time in the harsh, salty sea air can be incredibly drying for the skin, so for captains, crew and owners it can be a particular problem. Yachting Pages spoke to Olaya García, managing director at SeaSkin to find out more about their cosmetics range and how it can help sea lovers.  

In your own words how would you describe your business?  How has it developed over the years?

SeaSkin is a unisex bio cosmetic created for daily use, formulated for all skin types, it is easy to apply and offers efficient results. The SeaSkin range is designed to provide dermatological protection for those who spend a lot of time in the open air, as well as those who spend their hectic days in the city. Our range includes cleansing oils, lotions, firming & restoring face cream, body emulsions and many more.

All SeaSkin products are manufactured by a traditional process to protect and preserve the natural properties of the organic ingredients retaining strength and intensity. Likewise, the fragrant aroma, smooth texture and subtle tones are specially formulated to pamper all skin types.

Our product is completely unique to the nautical world. We have studied the damage that being at sea does to the skin and we’ve created a unique product to help protect it.

What makes you different from your competitors?  How are you unique?

We feel that the difference is huge. SeaSkin products are 100% made by hand in Spain and are very ecological. The cosmetic range is a concentrate of organic active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Avocado, Calendula, Chamomile, Fucus, Royal Jells and Orchids, that penetrate the skin.

What are the biggest challenges that you face in the superyacht industry at the moment?

Currently the biggest challenge is getting our brand known within the superyacht market. Our main aim is to create awareness of SeaSkin and its necessity. When at sea I have used creams such as Bvlagari, but it doesn’t have all the correct and specific nutrients needed when in such a harsh environment. SeaSkin is the first of its kind and people need to know that there are so many brands that use unkind chemicals in their products compared to the 100% ecological SeaSkin range.

What are the current trends in your sector at the moment?

The main trend within the beauty sector is to be more luxurious, exclusive and organic. We feel we fit into all three.

Who would be your dream client?

Our dream clients would be captains, crew and owners of superyachts. We would love for them to take an interest in the care of their skin and revive the lost components caused by the weather when being at sea.

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