Luxury Water Toys collaborate with EAMS on new Tender Toy Concept

Luxury Water Toys has developed in collaboration with the EAMS Yacht Tender Center a new range of tenders called the Tender Toy concept.

The size of the tender is an impressive 15m and is able to carry 12 passengers. The tender has a large cabin with a lot of space and a large bathroom inside. It also has opening side doors to extend and utilise the swimming area

The unique selling point of this tender is a large storage compartment which can be used to store inside all the toys you would ever need.

Inside you can fit:

  • 1 Waverunner
  • 2 Seabobs
  • 4 Paddle Boards
  • 2 Jetsurf
  • 1 Stand up Jetski
  • Inflatable toys and all gear

Luxury Water Toys have said the idea is to have a polyvalent tender instead of having 3 tenders, and to design it with outboard and inboard engines for maximum efficiency.

Eams Yacht Tender Center and Luxury Water Toys, are both committed to providing innovative and exclusive products to keep expectations at the best level

For more information visit Luxury Water Toys, Eams or alternatively watch the complete brochure here.

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