NauticExpo launches the first i-NOVO Awards

NauticExpo has announced that they will be launching their first i-NOVO Awards at the 2015 METS in Amsterdam, from 17th to 19th November.

According to the company, the i-NOVO Awards will identify and reward products that improve industry standards through innovation. i-NOVO will highlight products and equipment at METS across three categories.

The i-NOVO Design Award will recognise products that ‘take a step outside of the box’. Products in this category will integrate current design trends, be visually unique, demonstrate exceptional attention to ergonomics or propose an innovative solution for an emerging need.

The i-NOVO Eco Award will be attributed to products that have little (or much less) impact on the environment. Such products will be sustainably manufactured with low or improved embodied energy and eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable or reusable. Products in this category will also be sustainable over time with low energy consumption or the integration of renewable energy and a durable product life cycle.

Finally, the i-NOVO Tech Award will be given to products that demonstrate novel use of technology, whether it be the invention of a new technology, a technological innovation in the fabrication process (automatic or manual), the use of advanced technology or materials to improve a design, the application of existing technologies within a new domain, the integration of several new technologies in one product or a completely innovative concept.

Officially launched on 15th September this year, the awards are open to manufacturers in the following areas: Equipment, marinas and boat building.

The winner of each i-NOVO Award will be decided by a public vote. Visitors can discover all of the i-NOVO Award nominees at the METS trade show by looking for the i-NOVO insignia on the booths of the selected companies. Each nominated product is identified by an i-NOVO sticker corresponding to one of the award categories.

Entries will be accepted from 16th September until midnight on 27th October, 2015 and voting will be open from the 17th to the 19th November at METS and online.

For more information, contest details and entry procedures visit, i-NOVO.

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