New bladder to extend the fuel range of boats

Fuel capacity consistently limits where boats can venture especially explorer vessels with high fuel consumption for example. Aero Tec Laboratories, a specialist in flexible composite technology, has announced its new line of FueLocker collapsible on-deck fuel bladder tanks to help combat this problem.

Jeff Heotzler, marketing director at ATL Fuel Bladders spoke with Yachting Pages and commented, “The main purpose of these bladders is to extend the fuel range of motor yachts, sport fish boats, tenders and pleasure crafts. This will allow vessels to reach destinations that were previously unachievable or to visit fishing grounds that were deemed "too far away" because of their boat's lack of fuel capacity.”

The FueLocker has all the same qualities as its predecessor the Petro-Flex, with some unique design improvements. The FueLocker fills higher, carries more fuel and takes up less deck space than Petro-Flex.

Jeff added, “Its unique shape is built more like a pillow rather than a mattress. It fills higher rather than outward so it takes up a significantly less amount of valuable deck space. A simple way to put it is more fuel, less space!”

Jeff explained to Yachting Pages, “Our FueLocker is offered in standard sizes ranging from 200 to 2000 litres, but can also be custom made to suit the needs of all tenders and boats.

“Fuelling is made easy and can be filled from any standard petrol pump nozzle. It has a floating outlet fitting and a spill resistant stand-pipe with a cam-cap conveniently mounted at the top to capture any overflow. Another advantage of the FueLocker bladder is the ability for captains to "stock up" on lower cost, more reliable fuel while at port.”

The FueLocker fuel bladder is made from ATL’s durable military-spec rubberised fabric, which is strong and puncture resistant. In addition to their weathering attributes and compatibility, Aero Tec Laboratories’ range of bladders is also economical.

ATL was founded in 1970 as a design and testing facility for "flexible composite" materials.

For more information, visit ATL Fuel Bladders

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