New NMEA2000® Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor from Offshore Systems

Offshore Systems has introduced an NMEA2000® Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, which transmits the actual exhaust gas temperature to the network.
The sensor is the latest addition to a range of complete vessel monitoring and control systems designed for the NMEA2000® network by Offshore Systems. 
The NMEA2000® Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor together with its Exhaust Gas Temperature probe are designed to measure the exhaust gas temperature of a marine engine or generator using a highly accurate Type T thermocouple. 
The temperature is transmitted directly onto the NMEA2000® network which can be received on NMEA2000® display screens like Offshore Systems’ new custom designed master console touch-screens, already installed on a number of prestige and performance motor and sailing vessels. In this way any partial cooling water blockages can be seen before any damage occurs. In addition the information can be received on a separate helm alarm panel. 
The system is an easy fit for boat builders since the probe is designed to be simply mounted in the exhaust hose with an armoured stainless steel sheathed cable connected to the NMEA2000® sensor module mounted within 3 metres.  The probe mount is a corrosion resistant duplex stainless steel pocket that is sealed to prevent any exhaust leaks.
The cost effective NMEA2000® Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is the latest in a series of products developed by Offshore systems to provide valuable data information and management to the consoles and bridges of yachts ensuring that skippers can have complete control of their onboard systems via vessel monitoring and control systems designed for the NMEA2000®.

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