Pinmar’s New p3 Surface Care System

Pinmar, the world’s leading yacht painting company, has announced the creation of the p3 Surface Care System. Its nanotechnology makes it one of the most advanced restoration and coating systems in the world.


Polymer chemists and photonic engineers working together under the direction of Pinmar have developed an innovative surface care system specifically for the demanding marine environment. Pinmar’s objective was to develop a range of products that would preserve the colour and integrity of painted surfaces, protect against surface degradation from UV, salt and pollutants by creating a hydrophobic layer and perform by improving laminar flow, reducing cleaning and giving a spectacular lasting shine. 


The environmentally sensitive p3 Surface Care System has been developed specifically for marine use incorporating only caustic-free, non-hazardous components.


The initial product range comprises four elements functioning together to ensure an ideal surface finish which not only restores tired finishes so that they look as good as new, but can prolong the life of gelcoat and paintwork to increase the interval between repaints. 


P3 offers a professional service for the application of the Surface Care System to the finished surface of a yacht, delivering an unsurpassable level of shine, resilience and smoothness.


In addition the entire p3 Surface Care System in available through Pinmar Supply’s retail and distributor network for polish and polymer applicators, owners and crews.


Remy Millott, Pinmar CEO, comments “I’m very excited about the new p3 system.  It’s a big step forward and as paint applicators it was important for Pinmar to create a highly effective but non-demanding product range. By combining Pinmar’s unequalled yacht painting expertise with chemical and polymer science developed for medical and dental applications, I believe we have created a new and revolutionary industry standard for yacht surface care.”


For further information, please visit Pinmar.  

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