Raymarine’s new InstAlertTM technology update

InstAlertTM, the new safety enhancing software upgrade for Raymarine’s TH Series handheld thermal cameras, automatically highlights in red the ‘hottest’ objects visible. Using the new InstAlert mode means that a person in the water now stands out in bright red against a black and white background; a quick and easy spot in an emergency situation.

Available as software upgrade file 03.13.00.dfu, the new InstAlertTM detection palette can be added to the feature profile of both new and existing TH Series products and offers four pre-set levels to optimize the image contrast for maximum target definition.

Making pictures from heat, not light, the rugged and affordable TH series cameras show objects, even ice, through the thermal energy they emit.  This enables users to see landmarks, obstacles, navigation aids, and other vessels clearly in all light conditions from daylight to complete darkness.

The TH24 has a range of up to 895m for sizeable objects such as a vessel, and up to 320m for an object, such as a person, in the water. The TH32 model also features a 2x digital zoom capability, and has an extended range of vision, up to 1.23km for a vessel and to 450m for objects or people in the water.

Bringing thermal imaging technology within reach of everyone, the rugged, all-weather TH series cameras are priced from £1295 ex VAT. Using the same proven FLIR technology as Raymarine’s top of the range fixed mount thermal night vision systems the TH series cameras, weighing just 340g, are ‘must-haves’ as safety equipment for any boater.

For more information, visit www.raymarine.com.

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