Sevenstar Yacht Transport Loads 68 Yachts in Le Marin Martinique

From March 18th until March 21st Sevenstar Yacht Transport successfully loaded 45 sailing yachts on MV Sampogracht in Le Marin, Martinique. The majority of the yachts were participants of the Transquadra race. Another 23 yachts were loaded on MV Anjeliersgracht from March 23rd until March 25th. All yachts are now heading to Europe.


The MV Sampogracht, a 185 meter long vessel of the Spliethoff fleet, arrived in Le Marin at noon time on March 18th, where she dropped anchor. The afternoon was utilised to set out all cradles on deck and next the first 3 yachts were loaded. In the following 2.5 days 42 more sailing yachts were loaded successfully. As a standard, yachts are loaded with mast up and loading itself was controlled by a team of experienced Sevenstar loadmasters, together with the vessel’s crew. The MV Sampogracht is now heading to France, where all yachts will be discharged in L’Orient on March 30th and March 31st.


The majority of the yachts loaded on the MV Sampogracht were participants of the Transquadra race. The yachts sailed from Saint Nazaire and Barcelona via Porto Santo, Madeira, to Martinique.


MV Anjeliersgracht  

From March 23rd until March 25th Sevenstar Yacht Transport has loaded 23 more yachts on another vessel – MV Anjeliersgracht, a 130 meter long vessel of the Spliethoff fleet – at the same anchorage position in Le Marin. All yachts are shipped to the Mediterranean Area; Palma de Mallorca and Port La Nouvelle.


The Sevenstar Yacht Transport organisation is very proud to take part of shipping a large number of the French competitors back home! 


For more information please visit Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

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