Sevenstar Yacht Transport reports record performance

Sevenstar Yacht Transport has reported a record-breaking second quarter with more than 70 port calls in April worldwide and 200 yachts shipped to the Mediterranean in just one month alone.

May is traditionally a busy month for Sevenstar as yacht owners prepare for their summer holidays, but this year the number of yachts surged to an unprecedented number leaving no inch of deck space unused, even on Sevenstar’s vast fleet of carriers.

Yachts were loaded or discharged in a port, somewhere around the globe, more than twice a day. The Transatlantic route is traditionally the busiest route as Sevenstar transports yachts back and forth from Florida and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean almost continuously.

Bas Bos, transatlantic sales for Sevenstar commented, ”We are proud to be the transporter of choice for a growing number of customers in need of a fast and safe transport across the Atlantic. I believe that more and more yacht owners prefer fast and safe yacht transport to sailing under their own keel. Think of the possible wear and tear on their yacht and the time and crew you may need otherwise.

“The operations department is working long hours to get all the yachts safe and sound on board one of Sevenstar’s vessels.”

Sean Lines, operations at Sevenstar added, “We are now facing times when I spend hours puzzling over how to get all the racers, fishing boats, superyachts and motor cruisers on the ship, knowing that our specialised force of dedicated loadmasters depend on my calculations and that they have to be one hundred percent accurate. Each time I am proud to be able to service the customers as we transport their yacht according to plan and on time.”

Richard Klabbers, managing director of Sevenstar said, “This level of performance can only be achieved through hard work by an experienced staff with a passion for the job. Yacht transport is an intricate process with many facets, each of which needs the utmost attention. At Sevenstar I am very pleased to have a team that has a vast experience of almost 20 years in the yacht transportation business.” 

For more information visit Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

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