ShadyFace Sunshade completes yearlong product trial

Representatives at ShadyFace have announced that a product trial of the ShadyFace Sunshade has recently been completed by critics at Australia’s number one sailing magazine, Cruising Helmsman.

The product trial, which began after the ShadyFace PR team reached out to editors at the magazine back in 2014, saw reviewers take the personal canvas sunshade on various trips, breaks and holidays throughout a year-long period. During this period, critics were able to access the shades effectiveness in a wealth of settings, which included consideration of its use on board ocean-going vessels over 15 metres LOA.

Speaking exclusively to, Patricia Darquea, founder of ShadyFace and a former model, explained that she created the sunshade in order to allow her to enjoy the outdoors while protecting her livelihood from the negative effects of the sun’s harsh rays. 

She came up with the ShadyFace Sunshade, which is both personal and portable, designed not to blow away while in use on the beach, or on the deck of a luxury superyacht.

Darquea said, “Foldable, lightweight, aerodynamic and with a unique patented swivel function, the sunshade is able to provide a controlled amount of shade throughout the day, with its canvas providing a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+. This canopy offers the ability to read tablets for shaded hands-free viewing, ideal for reading and watching movies anywhere, creating the perfect ‘outdoor theatre’. 

“We are very pleased with the result of the trial, which got underway after the ShadyFace PR team reached out to editors at Cruising Helmsman to do a review - they expressed a lot of interest and agreed. After we shipped the Sunshades over, the trial saw their test team visit an array of different destinations and settings over the holidays and on various vacation breaks to great acclaim.”

The review was published in this month’s edition of Cruising Helmsman (August 2015), with the test team stating the ShadyFace worked well at all angles, with it proving foldable and robust, making it ideal for use on the foredeck of cruisers and yachts over 15 metres LOA. 

Darquea finished, “Now the article has been published, we hope that more yacht owners and charter guests will think of our product for their next trip. We ship our products worldwide, and can deliver right to the passerelle if required.” 

For more information, visit ShadyFace. 

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