UK aviation company Returnjet announces global expansion

Following its UK launch in February, Returnjet, the world’s first and only online hub for private jet operators announces it is to network every private jet available for charter across North America on to its site by the end of this year. To this effect it has appointed a director of business development for North America, Christian Betke, and opened offices in White Plains, New York.

Since its launch in February, over two thirds of the UK’s private jet fleet have contracted to the world’s first ever system enabling end users to connect and book directly with plane operators.  The resulting level and scope of interest from European and American operators has triggered a further £10,000,000 ($8,400,000) of private equity to enable the vision of uniting the world’s private jet fleet onto one site by June 2015.

Returnjet offers real-time flight availability to the end user, delivering enquiries directly to the operator’s phone and inbox. It creates transparency and choice for certified operators and end users in a traditionally ‘smoke and mirrors’ industry dominated by brokers.

The resulting optimisation of fleet movements and increased utilisation of empty legs (where jets fly empty en route to or from pick-ups) will inevitably lower the cost of global private jet travel.

Mark Blanchfield, CEO, explained, “We spent 18 months developing Returnjet, working with operators in the UK to create a product that has a highly complex engine but is simple for the end user and simple for the operator to feed in. Our software team are now streamlining the registration process and enquiry processing and the legal team simplifying the Ts and Cs to enable a rapid global expansion. We do believe we are well on course for creating a revolution in private jet travel in terms of affordability and accessibility."

Betke added, “In essence, this is a sales and marketing business and the signs are it will cross America like wild fire and give the public what they want: transparency and best price. The beauty is in the simplicity of the business model. Returnjet provides the public a real-time match of best jet at best price for whatever travel plan they search for. We connect operators with new business, free of fees, subscriptions and marketing costs. All we do is introduce and if the operator does the business, we charge them 3%. As soon as the operators are in, year end we will be rolling out a multi-tiered campaign East Coast to West Coast."

For more information please visit Returnjet

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