Ultrasonic Antifouling explains the importance of maintaining yacht hulls

Ultrasonic Antifouling, providers of an antifouling system that uses high frequency, low power sound waves to destroy algae, has recently published an article explaining the importance of looking after yacht and superyacht hulls.

Nick Griffin of Ultrasonic Antifouling recently published the article on the Ultrasonic Antifouling website, which explains how maintaining the yacht’s hull can reduce fuel costs and maintain the hull’s performance. Nick stated in the article, “A fouled hull creates drag and can use up to 30% more fuel. Furthermore it puts engines under higher loads and can reduce the performance of a planing hull by as much as 50%.”

Nick also explained in the article, “A clear and slippery hull is ideal for maximum performance and efficiency, but in reality this is difficult to achieve without regular haul-outs and cleaning. A boat spending much of its time stationary in the water provides the greatest opportunity for fouling to really start and a get a strong hold on your hull.”

The article goes on to suggest electronic antifouling as a product that brings better fouling protection when used in conjunction with a good quality hull coating.

For more information or to view the full article, visit Ultrasonic Antifouling.

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