WindShip sail concept could help cut fuel bills

WindShip Technology Ltd, a sail power concept that is being developed by a group of five marine experts, could revolutionise the way tomorrow’s vessels carry goods across the world’s oceans.

According to the New York Times, “Tankers, container ships and other freighters, most of which burn a coarse petroleum sludge called bunker fuel, now contribute about 3.3% of global carbon dioxide emissions, though some analysts argue the figure may be considerably higher. Without new restrictions, emissions from increased shipping could nearly triple by 2050.”

The new sail concept, known as the Auxiliary Sail Propulsion System (ASPS), uses fixed wing sail technology, whereby two 35m high masts installed on the deck of a vessel will each have three aerodynamic wings fitted. The masts rotate automatically to exploit the power of the prevailing wind and as the speeds and angles of the wind change, the system develops more power, allowing reductions in engine power to be made in order to achieve the same speed and maximising on fuel saving.

An independent assessment by Lloyd’s Register showed that the ASPS has the potential to provide more than 50% of the required propulsive thrust a vessel needs depending on conditions. In the right conditions this could save a typical bulk carrier 30% of its fuel costs on a voyage.

WindShip Technology are currently settling on a prototype build partner and looking for funding to develop this prototype.

For more information please visit WindShip Technology

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