YB Tracking releases update for new boat tracking and communication system

YB Tracking, the established manufacturer of Iridium satellite tracking and communication systems, has just released an update for its new fixed yacht tracking and messaging device, YB3i. Enriching the user experience for yacht owners and crew, the update provides even greater functionality when transmitting the yacht’s position, enhancements to the blogging feature, and a 10% improvement on battery life.

Designed for yacht tracking, mapping, and blogging, YB3i can be used by yacht owners and crew on yachts of all sizes and operates on a pay as you go basis with no annual contracts. To track the yacht, position data is transmitted from the YB3i at user-defined intervals and viewed using a Google-based mapping and blogging system, called YBlog.

As part of the new update, YB3i provides smart location transmissions as it will automatically change the regularity based on whether the yacht is moving or stationary. This allows for even more cost-effective tracking as it can automatically reduce the amount of data sent when the yacht is in the marina or at an anchorage.

Especially beneficial for race and regatta management, or to give family members peace of mind, authorised users can now request an ad-hoc position report from shore, at any time outside of the normal transmission schedule to find out exactly where the yacht is at any given moment.

The YB Tracking YBlog comes as standard with YB3i and allows the yacht owner to show their route and current position on a dedicated web page. The owner or nominated crew members can create several routes to keep track of each trip or race, as well as upload diary entries. With its own web address, a yacht’s YBlog can be seen by family, friends and colleagues, and can also be embedded into another website.

An update for the YBlog system gives all YB3i users a streamlined blog design, which displays photos alongside the diary entries. When hovering over the entry, the tracking point on the map is highlighted, showing where the yacht was located during that particular blog entry. The blog is now also viewable on Android and iOS tablets and phones too, making it much easier for everyone following the yacht to view the latest news and position on the map.

YB3i also provides facilities for low-cost text messaging from anywhere in the world. Users can connect their own smartphones or tablets to the YB3i unit via Bluetooth and send messages using the accompanying YB-CONNECT App. As numerous allocated devices can be connected, without affecting the unit’s ability to transmit position, YB3i is an extremely low-cost way for superyacht and charter crew members to purchase their own credits for messaging on their own phones, tablets or laptops.

YB3i is normally powered from a 9-30v DC supply but should external power be cut, the device can run for over two weeks, thanks to a 10% improvement on battery power. If there is a loss of power, the YB3i can also transmit an alarm to the relevant party, such as someone back home, the home marina or race management company, to alert them that something may be wrong.

For more information, visit YB Tracking.

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