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Delivered what we wanted

, Fleet Superintendent Stena Line - 05/03/2014-10:18
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Stena Line had very satisfactorily used digital maritime regulations provided by Regs4ships for a number of years as a key part of our Safety Management System.

To further develop our SMS and enhance communications between ships and ports, we wished to implement a system which fully integrated our various operational procedures, regulations and forms and provided the necessary records. Regs4ships developed such a system for us quickly and cost-effectively; and it has been well received across the ships and port offices. The system has operated very successfully for 3 years and provides management with confidence that we have a robust and compliant system. Regs4ships delivered what we wanted and have consistently provided excellent customer support.

Saved a small fortune

, Nautical Director Princess Cruises - 05/03/2014-10:17
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We have been using Regs4ships since their inception in 2001…We have saved a small fortune over the years compared to supplying the paper product of SIs, M Notices, multiple editions of various Codes with actual cost of the publications and shipping charges.


, Partner Sach Solicitors - 05/03/2014-10:16
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I love dealing with your office…and using your system beats the books anytime!

A year-long experience

, Director SQEMS APL Maritime - 05/03/2014-10:15
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In the almost year-long experience with Regs4ships’ customised data system being placed aboard the APLM fleet there has been a reduction of more than 17% in injury/accident incidents aboard our ships; directly attributable to the involvement of whole crews in the Safety Process. The SQEMS has become the primary source for training, discussion, and action in risk assessment and management.

Excellent training

, General Manager LISCR (UK) - 05/03/2014-10:14
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We have very specific requirements and have successfully used Regs4ships for courses in the USA, Hong Kong, UK and Manila. Each course has varied as we have continuously improved the training content culminating in the most recent course in Manila for 30 students covering 23 different nationalities.

We need professional, credible and effective trainers and regs4ships have consistently delivered excellent training with very good feedback from students.

Hugely constructive

, Captain Waterfront Coherence and Assurance & Queen’s Harbour Master Head of Profession, Royal Navy - 05/03/2014-10:13
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Despite operating under different legislative arrangements to commercial ports, the Ministry of Defence took the opportunity of the publication of the revised Port Marine Safety Code to review procedures for Marine Safety in the Dockyard Ports of Portsmouth, Plymouth and Clyde against recognised industry best practise. Calling on the specialist assistance of Capt. Mark Capon and Mark Robinson, we commissioned baseline audits of the three ports’ compliance with the Code and asked for assistance with developing processes that might lead to a more coherent approach to marine safety across the ports.

The ‘two Marks’ were a pleasure to work with and clearly brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in this specialist field with them. We found the combination of a ‘politely inquisitorial’ approach and an ability to ‘cut to the chase’ hugely constructive. There is no doubt that their work has been a key milestone in achieving our aim of further improving marine safety in these complex and busy ports.


, HSEQ Manager Wilhelmsen UK - 05/03/2014-10:11
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We have used Regs4ships data products for years. Senior staff have also attended various training courses at Warsash, delivered by Regs4ships. Wilhelmsen has demanding HSEQ targets this year, which includes the implementation of an Excellence campaign, involving managers from around the global fleet.

Regs4ships was a logical place to go for the development of a new training package which is customised to our internal procedures. The training will start the campaign, update skills, stimulate debate and satisfy key business targets.

A long-lasting partnership

, Managing Director Green Award Foundation - 05/03/2014-10:10
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The scope of work carried out by Regs4ships fits very well with the mission and ambition of the Foundation, which is the improvement of quality in shipping and ultimately to protect the marine environment. Indirectly Regs4ships contributes to the Foundation’s three main principles of safety, quality and environment. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

Very useful

, Fleet Manager Gulf Offshore N.S - 05/03/2014-10:09
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Regs4ships has been a very useful tool for us. It has ensured all our vessels have access to the most up-to-date legislation without the need for exhaustive document transmittals and tracking.

The instances of audit deficiencies because of missing or out-of-date legislation being carried onboard have totally disappeared.
The need for copious files of M Notices and large hard copy books of SOLAS, STCW and all the other Codes has also been negated.

Would not be without

, Marine Superintendent DPA Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement - 05/03/2014-10:07
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Providing adequate and timely support to our fleet is the key function of our existence as Ship Managers. To assist us to achieve this effectively we need ready access to all the appropriate up-to-date Industry Regulations, Advisories and Guidance.

Regs4ships gives us all this and much more. No longer do we have to worry about access to same important information when we are not physically in the office. Quite often we are out on business, sometimes for up to three weeks and having this information readily available whilst on the move is invaluable.

All in all, a tool which I for one would definitely not be without.

An enormous impact

, Vetting Superintendent Unigas International B.V - 05/03/2014-10:06
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Never have I seen the tanker industry growing so fast on safety,security and quality than in the last decade. The changes are having an enormous impact on ship management, because together with the changes and demands of customers, all vessels are being regularly targeted with commercial and third-party inspections.

Regs4ships is the perfect website with all the regulations and flag standards together in one place. With the search function, it makes our work in the Quality and Vetting Department so much easier – especially when we need to advise a master, customer, or more importantly – the management of the company.


, VP Operations Campbell Shipping - 05/03/2014-10:04
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I had previously attended the one day ECDIS implementation course run by Mick Caulkin and Joe Collins and saw that it would be useful to involve our full management team in Nassau.
We have ECDIS equipment fitted to eight of our ships and eventually have to fit all our other existing ships and new builds.
I wanted to increase the ECDIS knowledge of our team and Mick covered the equipment, data and training issues very well. The course was well received and will be useful to our implementation plan.

Easy to use

, N/A Uniteam Marine Limited - 05/03/2014-10:02
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Regs4ships, is a useful tool to ensure that our offices and ships have an up to date reference tool for the major shipping regulations. The easy to use search function allows us to ensure we can easily and quickly refer to all relevant regulation applicable to our enquiries and significantly assists our risk and regulatory compliance program.

A great tool

, Superintendent Safety Systems, Maritime Safety & Compliance Azamara Club Cruises - 05/03/2014-10:01
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Regs4Ships has been a great tool for us. It is easy to use, convenient and a tool which is used on a daily basis. All the information we need is right at our fingertips. The ability to refer to archived regulations and search on related information has been extremely helpful. Regs4Ships has far exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend this tool to anyone in the maritime industry.