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Graf Bootsbau is a market leading, tender building and repair company for the superyacht industry, based in Germany. They manufacture the GRAF Ipanema

Main contact

Address: Mühlenstrasse 14 Breitenbrunn, Germany D-87739

Tel: +49 (0)8 26 33 83

E: send us an email

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CEO - 28/09/2015-13:31
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This summer I had the chance to experience the extraordinary quality of the Graf Ipanema and its outstanding performance at Lake Constance. I've been on many tenders and daycruisers (wood and composite) but none of them gave me this special feeling of fun, safety and effortless power delivery at virtually any speed.
It's perfect in every single detail. I'm totally in love with it!!!

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Absolutely the best

CEO - 30/11/2014-16:43
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Absolutely the best contemporary wooden runabout in the world. I have been to many exhibitions looking for a classic wooden tender boat with absolutely outstanding craftmanship and was glad to find it in Graf's Ipanema. Sold our Riva and I are more than happy now.

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Engineer Automotive

, Engineer Automotive RIVA Florida - 29/11/2014-10:13
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The restoration from my RIVA was perfect in all details, also the carefully handling of the boat. The company GRAF is very customer oriented and offers an excellent service.

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