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Would not recommend these boats

Dragon Zone - 24/09/2013-05:19
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We purchased 7 OC1's for our club. To date, none of the new boats are being used. Some of the problems are relatively small: foot pedals that break, seats not attached properly, glue used on seats not waterproof so seats fall off, etc. We have also experienced some bigger problems; When taken out for the very first time one of the seven boats, within minutes, started to take on water through the foot drain. The paddler, an experienced OC1 racer, brought the boat back and with help from another paddler attempted to lift the boat up out of the water and to place it on a stand, hoping to drain the boat. As they attempted to take the boat out of the water and pull out the plug the boat collapsed in on itself. In our opinion, the layers were not vacuumed properly causing delamination. This same thing has now happened to a second boat. Boat 2 now a write-off. The rest of the boats purchased are still not being used at this time. In spite of assurances, parts were not numbered properly and many parts were missing numbers, making re-construction difficult. Colours stated on invoices are not reproduced in the boats, making identification of boats very difficult. Most iaku's do not fit in the ama's unless fiddled with extensively or forced. Many of the angles do not match and on those that fit, the amas toe is in or out, rather than running vertical to the hull. The detents and pins have not been constructed properly and pins do not match up to the holes. Holes are not bored far enough to allow a finger to push the detent pins for release. We received the diagram that showed suggested steps to be performed to install iakus and I can say for a fact that if performed as diagramed, the iakus do not fit in the amas. Most of the drains leak and drain the water directly into the hulls. We asked an aeronautical engineer with extensive experience working with fibreglass and other composite materials to give us his opinion. He has done a quick assessment of the boats and found that there are a number of areas where the fibreglass has buckled and has voids, and where the resin is soft, indicating the fibreglass was not cured properly. The depth of the fibreglass walls is inconsistent, indicating a lack of quality control. As well, the boat weights are all different. The racing boat, which we understand is supposed to be lighter, is indeed heavier than other boats. To date we have received no compensation. We have been offered one new replacement boat at no cost; when we order new boats. We would not recommend these boats.

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