Boesch Motorboote AG

“Providing high performance classic mahogany boats”


Boesch Motorboote AG provides high performance classic mahogany boats as tenders and personal watercrafts to the yachting industry. Boats are made to a high quality and maintain excellent performance levels at sea.

Main contact

Address: Seestrasse 197 Postfach 529, Kilchberg Zurich, Switzerland 8802

Tel: +41 44 71 17 57 5

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Boesch Motorboote AG is a leading manufacturer of classic mahogany boats, which are amongst the most popular water-skiing and wakeboarding tenders around the world.

There are a range of different models available to suit all needs and requirements – allowing you to purchase the perfect vessel whether it’s for a superyacht or pleasure.

Classic boats with high performance and comfort

Thanks to the moderate V profile, the positioning of the engine in the centre of gravity and a direct drive train to the propeller, these factors lead to perfect trim in both calm cruising waters and more rigorous journeys.

Advanced technology

The unique Boesch laminate construction results in an extremely durable and torsion-resistant hull. This eliminates all of the disadvantages that conventional carvel planking possesses and is as easy to care for as an ordinary boat with a polymer hull.

Experts in boat building

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to rot and its favourable strength to weight ratio, mahogany has established its worth as the first choice material for manufacturing wooden crafts.

Horizon gliding

The central position of the engine, the straight shaft and a propeller operating in an inclined flow field, create an upward lift at the stern. This effect, combined with the dynamic buoyancy of the Boesch boat, enables it to adopt a horizontal trim position where it is substantially lifted out of the water.