JOSEPH'S Toiletries

“Impeccable hygiene products with uncompromising style”


JOSEPH’S Toiletries is a boutique manufacturer of luxury hygiene products; a new luxury toilet paper with indulgent skin care by Swiss dermatologists providing ultimate comfort on board and only available to five-star hotels, chalets and superyachts.

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Address: Nordstrasse Zurich, Switzerland 8037

Tel: +41 44 51 59 50 0

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“The gold standard of toilet paper” - Gwyneth Paltrow, goop.

Luxury hygiene products for superyacht bathrooms

Still using toilet paper on board, or wet wipes that block the pipes? JOSEPH’S Toiletries refines toilet hygiene for elite clientele with uncompromising style; a necessity is turned into a luxury experience.

JOSEPH'S luxury hygiene essentials include:

• Tissue pads: The new generation of toilet paper
• Gentle Cleansing tonic: Much more than water and soap
• Balancing Care lotion: To soothe the skin for immediate comfort

JOSEPH’S toilet tissue has successfully passed flush and disintegration tests on JETS systems, making it suitable for use aboard luxury yachts and superyachts worldwide.

JOSEPH’S luxury toilet tissue

JOSEPH’S Toiletries offers a new luxury toilet tissue with super-soft technology. Gentle and thick when dry, but also allowing for convenient use when moist, JOSEPH’S tissue is fully flushable and dissolvable like toilet paper, yet can be used for moist cleansing like a wet wipe.

Keeping tissue separate from the accompanying skin care treatments allows for wet or dry use, and avoids the need for unnecessary preservatives and stabilisers. Each individual sheet of toilet paper offers:

• Profound plushness with ultra-refined growth fibres
• Refined coating for extra skin protection
• Reliable core for superior moisture absorption

JOSEPH’S skin care treatments

Skin care treatments have been formulated by leading Swiss dermatologists and skin care experts in order to purify and refresh the skin after going to the toilet, with a Gentle Cleansing tonic to clean and soothe the sensitive area, and a Balancing Care lotion for immediate comfort and long-lasting protection.

Boasting natural ingredients, vitamins and precious oils, the treatments are:

• Dermatologically tested
• Paraben and alcohol-free
• Formulated for highly-sensitive skin
• PH balanced

Bespoke bathroom dispensing solutions

JOSEPH’S offers a range of stylish bathroom dispensing solutions to house JOSEPH'S Toiletries products, with styles available to compliment the bathroom furniture and accessories of any superyacht bathroom.

The original JOSEPH’S Toiletries suite comes in a stylish, gold-trimmed box, which may be refilled or recycled to minimise environmental impact.

“The Attaché” is an elegant, simple method for sturdy mounting that can be removed at any time with no damage to non-porous surfaces.

“The Joséphier” takes your bathroom experience to the next level with an eye-catching design that houses the tissue paper and treatments for easy access; available in a choice of precious wood, hand-wrapped leather, gold patina brass and brushed stainless steel.

Contact JOSEPH'S Toiletries today to discuss your on-board hygiene and skin care requirements.

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