Stomper Joe produces no-slip, no-show socks especially for deck shoes. Our breathable fabric ensure clean, healthy feet for an active lifestyle.

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Address: 1608 S Ashland Av. #95363 Chicago, Il, Illinois, USA 60608

Tel: +1 888 962 5410

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Was Challenged - Went Trekking

, Health and Safety Engineer of 20m to 30m Mediterranean Gulet - 16/09/2016-18:27
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I hate no shows and normally don't use them. Our crew were provided with a batch of the cotton and bamboo models, and I wore them on a long hike one day. They didn't slip; they didn't chafe; they didn't smell, and I had clean feet at the end of a dirty day. Done deal. Between the men's cotton and the bamboo models, I would definitely go for the bamboo as it feels invisible.

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Wear them once and you'll want to buy more

, Painter . - 22/07/2016-13:30
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I'm never wearing shoes without socks again now that I've discovered these socks. They fit great and they're comfy to wear.

Great for anywhere it's hot and you have to wear shoes, but don't want to wear them without socks because you'll end up with stinky shoes and stinky feet. These non-slip, invisible socks are a brilliant alternative. They're a Must Buy!

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The No Slip Feature Really Works

, Author Roving Jay - 22/07/2016-13:20
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These socks are so versatile and fit beautifully. I was a little bit dubious about the no-slip feature in the heel - but it really does work. An added bonus is that these socks are really comfortable and feel so soft, you won't want to take them off.

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No Show socks

Steward of 20m to 30m - 30/06/2016-21:52
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Socks are great. They fit perfect and the anti slip does a great job. Even standing on my feet all day, the socks remain perfect. On top of this, no bad smell after a long day work!

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No-show socks

, Owner of 20m to 30m Bodrum Yacht Services - 13/06/2016-09:34
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Perfect cut, fit and comfort. No slippage at all. The female cut allows for usage with flats and pumps; the male cut is perfect for deck shoes.

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