Zijlstra International Decoration

“Custom yacht interior designers and upholsterers”


Zijlstra International Decoration is based in the Netherlands and offers expert advice and services in yacht interior design including upholstery, lighting, curtains and furniture. They also offer complete custom home furnishing solutions.

Main contact

Address: Uitgeesterweg 15 Limmen, Netherlands 1906 NW

Tel: +31 (0)7 25 05 28 52

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Established in 1941, Zijlstra International Decoration has grown to over 24 specialist craftsmen, all with a great passion for their profession. They have their own showroom, fabric studio, installation team and in-house workshop, which offer customers many advantages, such as complete customisation, high quality control and reduced costs.

Superyacht interior design services

Zijlstra International Decoration has a range of upholstery and design services ranging from:

• Sun protection
• Curtains
• Furniture
• Flooring and rugs
• Upholstery
• Lighting
• Home accessories

Sun protection

When looking for blinds, good advice is required when determining the right type both inside and outside. There are many options to choose from such as materials, colour and personal preference.

Zijlstra International Decoration features a wide variety of indoor and outdoor blinds including horizontal and vertical blinds, solar patio screens and shutters.

With Zijlstra there is no standard size and they will be able to custom make almost any blind and then assemble it.


Thanks to the versatility in terms of materials, colours and patterns, curtains can become a big statement in a room. Classic pleated or with a modern twist, made of warm velour, soft cotton, wool or even a light material.

Zijlstra also has its own sewing workshop where the curtains are custom made, regardless of shape and size.


Furniture forms the basis of any yacht interior; the preparation, appearance and the material determines the atmosphere. This requires of course a certain quality and some good advice.

Zijlstra will make every effort to advise clients as best as possible in their choice, so they enjoy their purchase for longer. They also work exclusively with furniture brands that offer the best quality.

Flooring and rugs

Zijlstra offers a wide choice in flooring including wood floors, rugs, carpet, linoleum, laminate and PVC and all floors are laid by their own professionals so quality is kept throughout.


The impressive collection of fabrics at Zijlstra caters for every taste and any purpose. They have the skills to create furniture into a beautiful piece of art and can provide a touch of elegance for any yacht interior.

Interior lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the interior, and Zijlstra offers intrinsic designs that can be used for both functional purposes and mood lighting.

Home accessories

Home accessories are the finishing touch to the interior. Zijlstra International Decoration has a regularly changing selection of home accessories to show off any décor, including atmosphere decorations such as decorative pillows, candlesticks and fine plaids.

Bespoke designs

Take advantage of a company full of professionals with years of expertise and have a bespoke design created. Zijlstra enjoy challenges and understand some clients may have very special needs and desires so they will endeavour to take on any bespoke project.

Home automation systems

With a single remote control all home lighting, audio, blinds and curtains can be controlled. Home automation systems offer a lot of features to make life even easier and Zijlstra International Decoration offers complete automation-systems.

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