“Drastically reduce operating costs of your yacht water system"


HydroFLOW USA, provides low-cost chemical-free water conditioning technology, which greatly reduces scale, bacteria, algae, and corrosion in superyacht water systems such as HVAC systems, heat exchangers, water heaters and yacht engines.

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HydroFLOW is a proven company that distributes one-of-a-kind yacht water conditioners. Their products are manufactured by Hydropath Technology Ltd. of England and powered by the patented and eco-friendly Hydropath Technology.

Environmentally friendly yacht water conditioners

Hydropath’s yacht water conditioners were originally designed, over 20 years ago, to treat limescale-related problems in residential plumbing systems and appliances.

Marine water softening systems

After years of intense research, the technology has evolved into a world-leading technology that provides chemical-free solutions to a diverse range of superyacht equipment.

Yacht biofouling

The Hydropath Marine (HM) range is specifically designed for operation on marine vessels. It provides water treatment benefits, including limescale protection and biofouling control, in both fresh and sea water.

Main benefits

• Dissolves and removes existing limescale
• Prevents new limescale accumulation.
• Deactivates bacteria and algae.
• Prevents and removes biofoul
• Boosts filtration.
• Significantly reduces corrosion
• Suitable for multiple applications – fresh water and cooling systems.

Financial and environmental benefits

• Reduces energy consumption.
• Increases the efficiency of water heating equipment and machinery.
• Eliminates or decreases chemical usage.
• Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal.
• Reduces maintenance costs.
• Average one to two-year payback period.
• Note: This device does not come to replace periodic preventative maintenance procedures of equipment.

Superyacht water treatment systems

Hydropath technology greatly reduces scale, bacteria and algae from building-up in pipes and on heating elements.

• 30,000 times more efficient than other physical water conditioners
• Propagates the signal along the entire water system
• Works independent of flow
• Gives constant, 24-hour protection

HydroFLOW USA has a full range of water conditioners providing a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of limescale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae within the yachting sector.

These durable water conditioners are fully encapsulated and water-resistant. Designed for ease of installation, the unit is simply built around the pipe and connected via its own power supply unit. Various-sized units fit pipes of all sizes.

Reduce pipe corrosion

Having HydroFLOW installed on a yacht’s pipes will create a skin effect, interfering with the electro-chemical reaction necessary for corrosion to take place. Introducing this technology to a water system inhibits internal pipe corrosion by up to 65%.

Alternative to water softeners

With water softeners being banned around the world as a result of their damaging effects on the environment, HydroFLOW environmentally friendly and easy to install water softener is a welcomed alternative.

Enhanced water filtration

HydroFLOW water conditioners increases filtration efficiency reducing backwashing, The amount of water used in each backwash cycle is reduced by up to 50%. Reduced backwashing means cost savings in water usage and maintenance downtime.

One of the best, cost-effective investments

, Executive Vice President Ray Shipping Ltd. - 08/04/2016-08:35
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The Hydropath Marine System saved us crew's labour hours and costs and also replaced the use of expensive and hazardous chemicals. I can safely say that the Hydropath Marine solution is one of the best cost-effective investments recently done on our vessels.

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