Advantis Marine

“Leading yacht and ships agent in Sri Lanka”


Advantis Marine is a leading ships agent in Sri Lanka, providing full yacht agency services to superyachts calling into Sri Lankan ports; from port clearance, berthing and visas to transport and tourism arrangements, they take care of it all.

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Address: Thurburn Wing 400, Deans Rd., Coumbo 10 Colombo, Sri Lanka 01000

Tel: +94 11 21 67 95 6

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With more than 50 years’ experience, Advantis Marine is one of the pioneering shipping agents, providing vessel agency and husbanding services to all vessels calling into ports in Sri Lanka.

Yacht agency in Sri Lanka

As part of their service portfolio, they provide yacht agency services to visiting superyachts, including:

• Port formalities and clearance in/out
• Yacht berthing reservations
• Visas and shore passes for guests and crew
• Crew changes and crew care
• Full port agency
• Spares procurement and clearances
• Yacht provisioning
• Meet-and-greet airport transfers and shore-side transportation
• Laundry services
• Courier and delivery services
• Garbage disposal
• Fuel bunkering and fresh-water supplies
• Emergency response services
• Dry docking, repairs and maintenance
• Hotel reservations and tour arrangements

Advantis deploys competent and well-trained teams to execute operations and have implemented industry best practices to ensure superior service delivery. They place a high degree of importance on carrying out their work in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

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