Alfaship Internacional S.A. (Corporate)

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Alfaship Internacional S.A. is an experienced yacht and superyacht agency serving Spain and its surrounding islands.

Contact Alfaship Internacional S.A. (Corporate)

Address: Leon y Castillo 367 (1a) Ballesmen Bldg. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain 35006

Tel: +34 928 24 79 78

E: send us an email

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Global Yacht Fuel - 08/10/2015-15:29
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We will be informing our represented co partners worldwide about your company and I'm sure that they will react in a positive way to your agency group, which is brilliant and the most effective we have ever seen.

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Professional support

Burgess - 24/09/2015-16:18
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Many thanks to you and your team for your very professional support during the vessels stay. We will look forward to using your services again and will be pleased to recommend Alfaship to other operators.

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