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“Global agency presence with local support services”

BWA Yachting is a worldwide luxury yachting service provider that helps owners, captains and crews with the increasing demands of managing a modern superyacht. The company aims to provide a seamless experience for clients, wherever they are cruising.

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Address: Via Serafino Balestra 27 Lugano, Switzerland 6900

Operating throughout: Mediterranean, Europe and Caribbean

Tel: +41 91 91 33 24 0

After its foundation in 2004, BWA Yachting expanded throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Americas.

With headquarters in Switzerland, it now has established offices in 15 countries around the world, serving over 370 ports and marinas through its owned and operated offices in the following locations:

• Western Mediterranean: Spain, France, Corsica, Monaco, Malta
• Eastern Mediterranean: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey
• The Americas: New England, Florida, Bahamas, St Maarten, Antigua, Puerto Rico

Yacht agency services

BWA Yachting’s core business is to deliver smarter solutions to clients through a broad range of services, including:

• Fresh provisions and supplies
• Banking transactions
• Bunkering
• Travel and transportation
• On-board entertainment
• Yacht clearances and formalities
• Cruising, customs and immigration procedures
• Helicopter and jet rental
• Tourism arrangements
• Berth reservations
• VIP concierge services
• Freight handling
• Hotel and restaurant reservations
• Technical services and support
• Itinerary planning
• Courier services

Superyacht provisioning

With its own provisioning departments in Spain, Corsica and the Caribbean, BWA Yachting is able to offer a first-class superyacht provisioning service, with clients able to get all of their supplies from one source.

These departments support yachts with a range of fresh produce, fine wines, dry goods and much more. Devoted and specialised in superyacht provisioning, the agents can supply even with very short notice.

Yacht support service levels

Thanks to the company’s various service levels, clients are able to choose BWA Yachting’s level of involvement based on their own desired yachting experience.

Through these service levels BWA Yachting provides a simpler, smarter and seamless superyacht experience:

BWA LOCAL: Innovative and cohesive services that simplify lives on board yachts. BWA Yachting’s global offices provide local knowledge, worldwide insight and advice.

BWA EXPLORER: High quality, expert when discovering new cruising grounds, outside of where BWA Yachting has own active offices.

BWA CENTRAL: Simplified management and coordination of yacht agency services for captains and managers.

BWA HUB: Optimisation for year-round yacht operations.

BWA Yachting is proud partner to the MYBA Yacht Charter Show and the America’s Cup, offering superyacht spectators exclusive berthing packages and VIP access. Contact agents today to find out more.

Contact BWA Yachting today for local yacht agency services with global influence.

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