Complete Expeditions Inc

Complete Expeditions Inc (ComEx) is a yacht agent specialising in ice piloting, expedition leadership and logistical support for yachts transiting the Northwest Passage.

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Address: 2475 Kalla St. Iqaluit, NU, Canada X0A 1H0

Tel: +1 403 282 2268

Sail the last yachting frontier. From Nuuk to Nome, ComEx supports yachts as they explore the Northwest Passage, specialising in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland and Alaska.

With decades of knowledge and experience on the Northwest Passage, ComEx leads custom itineraries that are sure to leave extraordinary memories for its clientele.

Remote area yacht support: Northwest Passage

ComEx offers one of the most comprehensive yacht support services in the region, including outstanding ice navigation, local naturalist knowledge, permitting, logistical support, planning and other agency services.

ComEx is experienced in managing the unexpected - a sure thing in these remote areas - tailoring a range of expeditions that exceed client expectations.

Yacht agents in the Canadian Arctic

With years of remote area expertise, ComEx offers a comprehensive range of yacht agency services to allow safe and exciting travel in these regions:

• Ice piloting
• Expedition leadership
• Permitting and planning
• Resupply

Contact ComEx today for support on your Arctic voyage.