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Address: Paseo Juan de Borbón, 80-84 Local L Barcelona, Spain 08003

Tel: +34 932 25 45 45

W: http://www.evolutionagents.com
E: send us an email

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Exceptional on all levels

, Marine surveyor/Project Manager Dubai Creek Marine Inc - 09/01/2017-10:03
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Your service has been exceptional on ALL levels, and is deeply appreciated. We could not have accomplished what we did – over 210 work items, without your assistance – and that atop the usual crew and purchasing support.
Good success, and thank you again.

The dream team

, Executive Chef of 60m+ M/Y Ace - 21/12/2016-09:55
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No matter where we cruised from Caribbean to Greece passing by Turkey or Palma, Evolution has always managed to supply me with the best produce for guests or crew. I found the price very reasonable in general. So thank you all, the Evolution dream team.

Fantastic service

, Chief Stewardess of 41m to 50m M/Y Helix - 16/12/2016-08:39
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I would like to thank all of you guys for a fantastic service whilst we were in Barcelona.
It was a pleasure all around, not only by a very efficient service but also a great attitude, hospitality and a very friendly team. My best regards to all, especially yourself and Monica - you have been a great help to me.

Our preferred agent

, Captain of 51m to 60m M/Y Deniki - 12/12/2016-10:12
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Evolution is our preferred agent in Barcelona. We all really appreciate your helpful and friendly service. Colin’s bangers are pretty good too!

Evolution rocks!

, Second chef of 60m+ M/Y Palladium - 12/12/2016-09:58
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Evolution rocks, always there when you need them!!!! With them, there is no problem, always a solution. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

Genuinely good people

, Chief Officer of 60m+ M/Y Lady Lara - 28/11/2016-10:33
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I met John and Belen a few years back before Evolution. I remember thinking this – these guys are genuinely good people. Then I learned that they used to be yachties themselves before becoming agents and they would go out of their way to look after us, sometimes even after the working hours were over. Then Evolution was born and indeed these guys evolved by surrounding themselves with more good, knowledgeable and dedicated people, covering all bases as yachting agents. For me, it’s a trust relationship based on time and reliability, these guys are professionals at work and friends to hang out with once the job is done.

Commitment to quality and competitive prices

, Chef of 60m+ M/Y Nahlin - 22/11/2016-08:36
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I would highly recommend Evolution for supplying a high standard of produce with their commitment to quality and competitive prices. Belen, John and the team strive to make our lives easier with good communication and their willingness to make sure we have everything we need. Thank you.

Reliable, attentive, professional

, Purser of 60m+ M/Y Palladium - 14/11/2016-15:42
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I was lucky to meet Belen and John in 2008 during my first stay at MB92 on board M/Y April Fool. Since then, they’ve always been my preferred choice because they have proven to genuinely care. You feel welcome, whether you bring big business or the odd order. Their prices are competitive and they go above and beyond the call of duty to assist.
Their team is friendly, attentive, professional and reliable. The atmosphere at their offices is unbeatable. Many yachts would like to have that within their crew! Best team ever!

Quick and efficient

, Chief Stewardess of 60m+ M/Y Palladium - 09/11/2016-08:37
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Evolution Yacht Agents have been a pleasure to work with on M/Y Palladium. I appreciate their efficient and quick responses and always going above and beyond their call of duty.

Always prompt and efficient service

, Chief engineer of 60m+ Athena - 02/11/2016-09:26
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Athena used the team at Evolution for engineering needs on each of our visits to Barcelona. The service we received was always been prompt and efficient, Evolution are an excellent company.

Perfect communication and understanding

, Captain of 41m to 50m Captain - 20/10/2016-10:22
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1/ Perfect communication and understanding from your office.
2/ Solving the problem quickly and calmly.
3/ Supplying goods of very good quality and price.
4/ Especially Jordi trying to find best solution for spare parts.
I hope to work together in the future with the same success.

Great success

, Captain of 60m+ Secret - 08/09/2016-10:51
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Thank you so much for all the assistance you give us, having looked after all of our provisioning, fuelling, berthing and concierge needs, you ensured that our needs were met with great success!! Thanks again for everything, I look forward to working with you again in the future!

They do all the leg work

First Officer of 31m to 40m - 01/10/2015-15:00
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Loved working with these guys. Very quick and they do all the leg work.

Very good

- 01/10/2012-10:51
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We found them to provide a very good service. They were punctual and provided a fast delivery and service time.