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Motor Yacht Sudami in Herzliya

, Captain of Sudami - 30/10/2013-20:17
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The agency of Amir Mushkat assisted us in preparing and organizing our visit in Israel in October 2013. Thanks to Amir deep knowledge of all matters pertaining to a superyacht operation, everything went extremely smoothly and owners and crew thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Israel. Thank you again Amir, Shalom and see you next time!

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S.Y.Christopher's time in Israel.

- 25/05/2013-10:26
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Owners, guests and crew all enjoyed their time in Israel - this was made easy with the help of Mushket Yachting handling all customs, immigration and security during our week exploring Israel - Amir's knowledge of the area, supplies, boat parts assisted us with all our requests, We had to berth in the commerical Port Ashdod because our draft was too deep for all 3 marinas - this all went smoothly.
Hope your stay is as enjoyable as ours

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