Paul Madden Associates

“Licensed yacht agents for Cuba”


Paul Madden Associates is a licensed and experienced yacht agent for Cuba. As the only international company that has a contract with the Cuban Government to provide services within Cuba, experienced agents help arrange the perfect trip.

Main contact

Address: Mobile Service Havana, Cuba

Tel: +1 401 236 8686

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With waters less known by the yachting community, Cuba is rarely a destination where yachts want to venture alone. As such, Paul and his team of yachting experts oversee arrangements for a perfect trip.

Yacht agents in Havana, Cuba

Paul Madden Associates is well-known in the Cuban yachting community as the go-to agents for the region. Its agents work with partners on the ground in Cuba to take care of all the details to make your trip safe, legal and fun.

From Havana to Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba to the Isle of Youth, Paul Madden Associates provides yacht agency services which include:

• Yacht clearances and permits
• US and Cuban visas and immigration
• Marina berthing arrangements in Cuba
• Cruising itineraries
• Concierge services
• Bunkering
• Shore-side excursions and reservations
• Shore-side transfers and transportation
• Escorted diving and fishing guides
• Access to special events
• Licensed guides
• Yacht insurance

Paul Madden Associates is fully compliant with new Cuban yachting regulations, as announced by President Donald Trump in June 2017.

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