SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu

Seal Superyachts Vanuatu (SSV) provides exclusive yacht agency services to all superyachts and yachts visiting Vanuatu.

Contact SEAL Superyachts Vanuatu

Address: Pontoon Bay Port Vila, PO Box 972 Port Vila, Vanuatu

Tel: +678 77 19 17 4

Mob: +678 77 19 17 5

Seal Superyachts Vanuatu offers 24/7 assistance and support to all yachts and superyachts when visiting Vanuatu. They have all the local knowledge and experience to provide you with the best service at the best prices.

Yacht services in Vanuatu

SSV can provide a complete range of services including the below:
• Yacht clearance formalities
• Charter planning
• Duty free fuel bunkering
• Engineering, deck and interior supplies
• Fresh and organic provisions
• Technical services/support
• Customs and immigration procedures
• Courier services/freight handling
• Banking and legal services
• Medical support
• Hotel/restaurant reservations
• Helicopter/aircraft rental
• VIP concierge services and on-board entertainment
• Outer island support

Tours, guides and more

They have a comprehensive knowledge of the best places and trips to go on in and around the islands that make up Vanuatu, and are able to offer the following:

• Experienced yacht and dive guides
• Vanuatu’s best fishing charter vessels and guides
• Customised itineraries, exclusive excursions and cultural tour

Helped open up new unseen layers of Vanuatu

, Captain of 31m to 40m Nomadess - 21/09/2016-09:36
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Cruising in Vanuatu can be a confusing lesson in logistics for many superyachts. That's when you need the help of a good agent; Justin and Claire of Seal Superyachts Vanuatu are those agents. Local and connected to the islands and islanders, they have been there and done that in Vanuatu. Having cruised here many times with our well-travelled owners, Claire and Justin helped open up new unseen layers for us to explore. Their connection to the various chiefs and network of first class guides made it easy to arrange one-of-a-kind excursions that will always be remembered. From captain and chief engineer to chef, not once did we hear it cannot be done from Seal Superyachts. After 39 years of running superyachts, I would not think of visiting Vanuatu without Claire and Justin on our team.

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Vanuatu yacht services

, Chef of 31m to 40m O72 - 29/05/2016-23:45
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Claire and Justin were very helpful on our recent trip to Vanuatu. Claire was always on hand to help me find fresh produce and she sourced an orchid which was surprisingly hard. They managed to get us low sulphur fuel at the cruise ship dock which was very useful. An all round efficient and friendly family company.

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Very short notice

, Ship manager of 41m to 50m PB Sea-Tow Ltd, PB Matua - 28/08/2015-16:18
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Our vessel, PB Matua was en route to Singapore when the air con circulating pump failed. At very short notice Justin at Vanuatu Yacht Services sourced the required spare parts for the pump and also assisted with customs and immigration requirements for the vessel thus allowing the vessel to proceed on its voyage with minimal delay.

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Captain of 31m to 40m - 12/04/2015-08:04
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I sincerely recommend this company. Justin is a very helpful man in Vanuatu for food, parts, contacts over the islands. His work cannot be overlooked.

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Beautiful, Amazing & Helpful!

, Chief Stewardess of 41m to 50m Motor Yach Big Fish - 02/04/2015-11:14
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I would like to thank Vanuatu Yacht Service for providing us with an excellent service while we were in Vanuatu, as well as uncapped support that we needed so very much. You guys were extremely helpful during our time in Vanuatu in helping with provisions, shipping and going above and beyond to make sure our guests were taken care of. I truly hope more yachts find their way to your beautiful county and your excellent service and support! - MY Big Fish

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