Tenerife Offshore & Shipping Agency


Tenerife Offshore & Shipping Agency provides a complete yacht support service to any visiting vessel to ensure that owners, crew, and guests get the very best experience during their visit.

Main contact

Address: C/ de la Arena 12 (Port Area), San Andres Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain 38120

Tel: +34 922 59 60 98

W: http://www.tenerifeshipping.com
E: send us an email

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Excellent service

, Master of 41m to 50m Germania Nova, / Hill Robinson Management - 25/02/2017-12:29
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I was very pleased with the service provided by this agent. We had problems with a delivery which they dealt with as well as providing bunkers and berthing. All good


, Captain of 31m to 40m Swedish Navy - 20/02/2017-14:40
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Our two ships HMS Gladan and HMS Falken has been around Tenerife every winter for the last ten years. We have get to know Tenerife Offshore&shipping Agency, Thierry and Lidia. Since the start, they have given us the most excellent service and hospitality. We consider them "part of the family". Thomas Falk Captain HMS Falken.

Bunkering and provisioning services

, Chief Officer of 60m+ M/Y Drizzle - 05/08/2016-07:00
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Very efficient and helpful team that we use each year on our way to the Caribbean.

It has been a pleasure!

, Captain of 60m+ Excellence V - 03/08/2016-09:37
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Dear friends, it has been and will be a pleasure to work with you always, you are always the best!

Highly recommended

, Captain of 31m to 40m Ocean Mercury - 12/07/2016-09:29
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have used the services of Thierry and Lidia on multiple crossings over the past 12 years. They have delivered personal and knowledgeable service, and have gone to all measures to make myself and the crew feel welcome and taken care of. I highly recommend them for ALL your needs when passing through The Canary Islands, and after all these years we are happy to call them my friends.

Tenerife Offshore & Shipping Agency Review July 2016

, Captain of 41m to 50m Motor Yacht INGOT - 02/07/2016-18:32
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I have used the services of Thierry and Lidia at Tenerife Offshore & Shipping Agency for over ten years. I try to make Tenerife a regular stop on our west bound Atlantic Crossings. The service provided by Thierry and Lidia is always excellent.

Excellent Service

, Fuel Trader Tango Sierra International Yacht Fuel - 01/07/2016-14:47
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Lidia and Thierry never fail to go above and beyond for every single customer. They have always taken such good care of our customers that the captains insist on returning to Tenerife year after year. I highly recommend them!

D Howe

, Captain of 60m+ Delivery Captain - 29/06/2016-12:03
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

I have used Thierry and Lidia at Tenerife Offshore & Shipping (who were formerly with Alfaship) in Tenerife for many many years.They are THE VERY BEST.
They have always arranged everything extremely well and logistics, clearane and berthing and port arrangements during my visits have always been exceptional and gone smoothly, efficiently and quickly. With Thierry and Lidia as our agents I have never had any difficulties during a stop over in Tenerife. I cannot recommend them and their company highly enough - and I guarantee that if you use their services you will never be disappointed. I very much look forward to my next visit to Tenerife.