The Lighthouse Consultancy


The Lighthouse Consultancy provides a full range of support services for yachts visiting Indonesia. They have an extensive network of partners, which enables them to offer anything from security services to berth booking assistance.

Main contact

Address: Jl. By Pass Sanur No. 149 Komplek Pertokoan Niaga 5 - 6 Sanur Bali, Indonesia 80030

Tel: +62 (0)81 33 87 32 76 4

E: send us an email

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We always knew what was going on

, Captain of 20m to 30m M/Y Norby - 25/08/2016-13:15
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Lighthouse shore personnel were on hand to assist at all of our supply and fuelling stops and always helpful with last minute requests and unplanned errands. I particularly liked Lighthouse's honest ‘tell it like it is’
approach and flexibility when it came to handling logistics and thanks to Lighthouse we always knew what was going on and what to expect at each stop.
I would highly recommend The Lighthouse Consultancy as an agency for any vessel planning to visit Indonesia.

Allowed us to do incredible things

, Captain of 60m+ Vava II - 22/06/2016-08:47
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Indonesia stands out as the best destination I have travelled to in 33 years of sailing the world. Our two trips, to the East of Bali and Raja Ampat were completely different; the scenery is simply stunning and even within a limited geographic area refreshingly different. The local populations were very warm and welcoming and genuinely excited to see the yacht and let us see their world. It is however not an easy place to work and it was essential to have good local guidance. Lighthouse provided that brilliantly, allowing us to do some incredible things that left our guests delighted each and every day. The dilemma we have now is how other trips are going to compare.

One of the best provision suppliers I've worked with!

, Executive Chef of 60m+ Vava II - 16/06/2016-16:13
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The service from Lighthouse has been fantastic, they stop at nothing to get you what you need when you need it, no matter how remote you may be! The attention to detail, the communication and how the produce arrived on board was incredible and I learnt quickly I could rely on them. Definitely one of the best provision suppliers I’ve worked with!

Above and beyond expectations

, Captain of 41m to 50m Wabi Sabi - 31/05/2016-08:53
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MY Wabi Sabi used the Lighthouse Consultancy’s services extensively throughout our time in Indonesia and simply put they were above and beyond expectations in every area of our dealings. Their tireless effort to ensure all our requests were met, our travels went seamlessly and the guests left with a great desire to return was nothing short of incredible.
I feel that Indonesia is one the world’s top cruising destinations supported by a team that I feel are at the forefront of providing support for visiting yachts.

Extremely helpful

, Captain of 20m to 30m Maya Ray - 05/05/2016-10:32
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I can’t say enough good things about the help The Lighthouse Consultancy team gave us when we were in Indonesia. Andy and his staff were always extremely helpful and went out of their way to make our stay as easy as possible. Everything was done promptly and done with a smile.

Exceptional service

, Captain of 31m to 40m Antipodean - 15/04/2016-11:05
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Thanks again for the exceptional service provided through Lighthouse Consultancy for the duration of our voyage in Indonesia. It was a major bonus that you have extensive personal knowledge of the areas we visited and were able to pass on much appreciated tips, advice and contacts.

Attentive responses and 24hr availability

, Captain of 51m to 60m Helios 2 - 11/04/2016-09:55
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The Lighthouse Consultancy’s attentive responses, 24 hour availability and swift reactions made our experience in Indonesia significantly less stressful.

A fantastic cruise

, Captain of 60m+ M/Y Archimedes - 15/03/2016-08:54
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All in all it was a fantastic cruise for our guests and crew and we all thank The Lighthouse
Consultancy for a great job, well done!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Lighthouse Consultancy

, Captain of 51m to 60m Twizzle - 03/03/2016-08:26
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Our cruise experience on SY Twizzle in Indonesia was fantastic, made much easier by having The Lighthouse Consultancy onside. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to captains and owners contemplating a visit to this area.

Stellar service

, Captain of 31m to 40m CV-9 - 26/02/2016-14:51
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There is no question that the stellar service we received from The Lighthouse Consultancy made everything easily fall into place, allowing me to focus on our guests, routes and daily routines. I very much look forward to returning to Indonesia, hopefully sooner rather than later, and Lighthouse will be the first call I make.

Wouldn't consider any other alternative

, Captain of 41m to 50m Andiamo - 25/02/2016-08:28
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With the Lighthouse Consultancy’s help I am confident that I can get what I need and what my owner wants. They provide peace of mind and give me an incentive to return, time and again.
Indonesia is a fantastic place for yachting. It is also a world-class diving destination. I would not consider any alternative, when I am in the country.