Transshipping Agents S.A.

“Leading yacht agent for Panama ports & Panama Canal transit”


Transshipping Agents aims to serve all yachts and superyachts visiting the ports of Panama and any Panama Canal transits. They provide a first class service to ships consigned to their care.

Main contact

Address: El cangrejo via Argentina, Edificio Crystal Park Piso Numero 3, PO Box 0819 -05077 Panama City, Panama

Tel: +507 397 9682

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Transshipping Agents provides agency, logistics, land excursions, provisions and operation support to both yachts and superyachts for smooth experiences during travelling around Panama and canal transits.

Their experienced and professional team is available 24/7 to support any request required at any time, any place.

Panama yacht agency services

Transshipping Agents’ main goal is to provide convenient and comprehensive services to their customers. This is evident with their excellent relationship with governmental organisations and Panama Canal authorities.

• Canal transit formalities
• Planning Itinerary
• Yacht clearance: Customs and immigration procedures
• Berthing & slips reservations
• Crew handling
• Bunkering
• Technical services and repairs
• Airfreights delivery

Panama port services

• Authorities clearance
• Berth and pilotage
• Port clearance
• Obtaining navigation permits
• Lines handler
• Lines handling rental
• Pre arrival reports
• Sailing reports

Tourism arrangements for yachts

• Land excursions (exclusive and personalised tours)
• Limousine, private cars, helicopters and jet arrangements
• Hotel and restaurant reservations

They understand that their main goal is to achieve the best possible service for each of their clients. Considering this goal, they have a dedicated and experienced staff with more than 40 years’ experience of servicing the industry.

Transshipping Agents S.A. is proud to be an efficient and reliable ship agent in Panama that can offer a good deal to its customers.


, Stewardess of 51m to 60m MY Alucia - 26/08/2016-12:32
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Thanks for the amazing service you provided for us Transshipping! You and your team were amazing! See you next time we are in Panama!

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