A different Plan

, Recovery Lead Coordinator of 31m to 40m Macy's - 08/12/2014-13:36
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I had an amazing weekend thanks to this guys' great idea of making it simple for everyone to jump on a boat without having to own one.
Its simple and reliable. Definitely renting with Sailo again.

SAILO makes boat chartering so easy!

, CEO of 20m to 30m Colmar ltd - 05/12/2014-22:47
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I needed to rent out a boat for a company event. I chose SAILO because they are just great at providing what you need. It's so easy and efficient!

Great experience

, Customer relations of 20m to 30m Sailo - 04/12/2014-18:05
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Renting a boat was super simple and the service was great. The boat was splendid as well as the service from the captain. Can't wait to go on another ride!

Perfect service

, Business Development of 31m to 40m Alboran - 03/12/2014-18:05
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My experience with sailo is very satisfactory. I did not find any problem in any of the phases and makes it really easy for non experienced renters. Very efficient and useful service. Thx Sailo :)