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Address: 1 Makariou St. Kalamaki Athens, Greece 17455

Tel: +30 210 98 23 90 1

W: http://www.apollonia-yachts.gr
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Not willing to work with customers

, Registered nurse of 31m to 40m Apollonia Yacht Charters - 24/05/2018-04:10
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We had booked our holiday with this company and we're so looking forward to our vacation, but unfortunately I have suffered an accident which has limited my mobility and as a result I cannot travel. I have documentation from my surgeon to support this and I have submitted to Apollonia. They are not willing to work with us in any capacity, even if we want to travel with them in the future. There's been absolutely no cancellation policy provided and as a result they are taking our money with no concrete explanations.

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