AI Services GmbH

Air Independence Services GmbH (AI GmbH) specialises in both nautical and aviation chartering. Offering an exclusive service that covers private aeroplane, helicopter, yacht and car charter.

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Address: Aircraft Brokerage Allgemeine Luftfahrt 6 (Gen. Aviation), Munich-Air Munich, Germany 85356

Tel: +49 (0) 89 975 975 47

AI Services GmbH, a leading global aviation organisation with the most modern fleet and highest security standards, in the search for a solution to serve the industry with the highest standard of service. It’s worldwide partnerships with a range of airlines give AI Services GmbH a strategic advantage.

AI Services GmbH’s team benefit from the deep industry insights, customer-oriented creativity and over 30 years of team experience, placing the business as an industry authority in the marine and airline sectors.

AI Services GmbH encompasses:

• Aeroplane Charter
• Helicopter Charter
• Yacht Charter
• Car & Limousine Charter
• Car Rental

It’s variation in transportation methods mean that AI Services GmbH have travel solutions no matter the distance!

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