DC Aviation Malta Ltd

DC Aviation Malta Ltd provides a top-quality service to both aviation and yachting professionals travelling to and from Malta International Airport. It offers business jet charter services and aircraft registration.

Contact DC Aviation Malta Ltd

Address: PO Box 23 Malta Int'l Airport Gudja, Malta LQA 5000

Operating in: Malta

Tel: +356 21 37 59 73

DC Aviation Malta was founded in 2008, with Malta International Airport gradually becoming a hub for corporate aviation. It has invested largely in executive ramp transportation, employee training, and facilities for both crew and passengers at Malta’s departure’s terminal. The airfield at Malta International Airport includes two runways that are aligned at a near right angle to each other.

Aviation services

DC Aviation Malta offers a variety of services to Europe and the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), including Eastern European countries such as Russia and Ukraine. Some of these services include:
• Fixed based operator
• Aircraft registration and management
• Aircraft charter
• Aircraft handling

Aviation services such as handling and charter can be also offered worldwide.

Aircraft handling and flight operations

DC Aviation Malta is a fully owned subsidiary of DC Aviation GmbH, and is one of the only dedicated Business and General Aviation Handling companies in Malta. It provides travellers with a high-quality service on the Island of Malta that is not limited to aircraft, including limousine services, accommodation in one of Malta’s leading hotels, and airport transfers for both business aviation passengers and crew.

The highly trained staff at DC Aviation Malta are available 24/7 for help and assistance.

Business jet charter

DC Aviation Malta provides convenience and exclusive comfort for guests on business trips. With 30 business jets of its own, the size of its business jet fleet guarantees that any desired flight will be ready for take off within two hours. Fully-trained personnel can provide travellers with guidance, ensuring the right business jet is matched to the right trip based on its needs and requirements.

Aircraft registration and management

The experienced team at DC Aviation Malta can assist with Maltese flag aircraft registration. It can provide help with the application process with the Maltese Civil Aviation Department, and is also a local agent for aircraft owners.

For an exclusive aviation service at Malta International Airport, contact DC Aviation Malta today!